Role of Herbal Supplements in Weight Loss

Role of Herbal Supplements in Weight Loss

Weight loss is not all about losing weight it about learning the healthy eating habits and learning about your body requirement. So with the help of diet and physical activities, you can lose weight, but sometimes due to very hectic life schedule, an individual is unable to follow a strict diet and physical activities. So, for those individuals, they need to take an additional step to lose weight in an effective and safe way. The below mentioned herbal supplements provide added value to your weight reduction. These supplements are safe and effective for gradual weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia– As it is popular worldwide, Garcinia cambogia is a great weight loss supplement available in the market. But, when you plan to purchase Garcinia Cambogia supplements for weight loss, look for the one that displays pure extract on the label. The pure extract is better, more effective and also safer to use. The science behind the Garcinia cambogia promoting the weight loss is that it suppresses the hunger by producing a good amount of serotonin. Low serotonin level causes depression and anxiety which might cause overeating and emotional eating, as your serotonin level rises, your mood improves and you are less driven towards food. The active compound HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) inhibits the activity of citrate lyase enzymes, which are needed to make fat from carbohydrates, so it stops fat formation in the body. Garcinia cambogia also acts as a detoxifier; the HCA in it reduces the fat accumulation in liver and detoxifies the liver.

Apple Cider Vinegar– Apple cider vinegar is made up of apple juice by the fermentation process. After passing through various processes, the ACV contains active compound acetic acid and enzymes which are responsible for weight loss they improve overall health as well. It is not only helpful for weight reduction but also treats heartburn, improves sleep quality, improves energy level, helps in digestion, and strengthens the immune system. ACV contains pectin which is found naturally in apples. Pectin is known to increase satiety and aids in weight loss.

Green Coffee beans – Green coffee beans basically aids to support weight reduction. It is also loaded with antioxidants which maintain the functioning of the body. It is basically unroasted beans, during the process of roasting, the antioxidant compound is lost, so it is important to use unroasted beans for healthy weight. Green coffee beans contain an active compound known as chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for its weight-loss effect by increasing the activity of fat breakdown. It is also useful for increasing metabolism. It reduces the formation of new fat cells by reducing fat absorbed from the diet and reduces fat stored in the liver.

Forgetting the desired weight loss, you need to follow some sort of dietary modification and need to do physical activities at least 3-4 times in a week. You need to include more of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain and drink 3-4 liters of water on a daily basis for fast weight-loss.

The above-explained herbs are a very effective aid for weight loss but need to consult your doctor before taking these supplements if you have some major diseases.

Source by Shweta Pathania

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