Garcinia – Important Fruit To Loose Weight

Garcinia – Important Fruit To Loose Weight

Garcinia, also known as Malabar tamarind, or Brindal berry, belongs to the citrus family. Its scientific name is HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). It is a tropical fruit which is been used in Asia for many centuries as a food. These trees are evergreen and are specially used as a natural weight loss supplement.

Garcinia, although suppresses the appetite, but it is not toxic (as studied by the researchers); as, we all are aware of the fact that there are many influential chemicals which can actually turn off the appetite by directly acting on the brain. These drugs can actually be dangerous and have many strong side effects. The process in which Garcinia does its jobs is in two ways. Primarily, it helps the liver to act as an indicator for the brain when adequate food has been taken, even though it pleases the body’s demand for energy; and secondly, it blocks the conversion of sugars and starches into fats and helps to restrain fat production.

Garcinia contains considerable amount of Vitamin C. Apart from losing weight and gaining energy, it has a variety of usefulness. At first, the skin of the tropical fruit is used as a spice in Indian and Thai cuisine, having sour taste; secondly, it is used as a food preservative; thirdly, it has been used as a heart tonic; and finally for many years, it is been used in Indian medicine to treat diarrhea, fever, dysentery and even helps to expel worms and parasites. It works as an effective agent against lipids, body fat, and cholesterol.

Other than the above usefulness of Garcinia, it even makes food more satisfying, has the ability to decrease the acidity and increase the mucosal protection in the gastric area. Since Garcinia does not contain any addictive components, so it can be taken without any fear. As herbal medicines are relatively mild and gentle on human body, so Garcinia can be taken by everyone, regardless of age and gender.

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