Will Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight?

Will Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight?

Diet pills can be used to support your weight loss journey, but it’s important to be aware that they have side effects that affect everybody differently. One of the biggest benefits to using weight loss pills to supplement your diet plan is to help suppress your appetite, which can help to get you through the tough times as you transform your bad eating habits for good ones.

Losing weight is really only 10% about what you put in your mouth and 90% about what’s going on in your head. A lot of times when you are thinking about eating it’s got very little to do with being hungry. If you were truly hungry you would be just as happy to munch on a hard-boiled egg as you would be to snack on a blueberry muffin. The truth is we develop habits with eating and just like any other habits, the bad ones are always hard to break. Just as smoking cessation products can ease the struggle of quitting cigarettes, diet pills can take the edge off of breaking your bad eating habits when starting a diet plan.

Let’s start by understanding how diet pills work.

Before I talk about what diet pills can actually do for you, I want to tell you what they cannot do. Do not buy into the myth that there are magic pills out there that will either melt away body fat or stop your body from producing fat. This is simply not true. The best a diet pill can do for you is help you to eat less, or better yet, allow you to make better food choices. It does this by suppressing your appetite. I’m not trying to insult your intelligence here, but it’s important to understand the difference between your appetite and actually being hungry. Your appetite is controlled by your mind and your emotions (I feel like a cheeseburger) whereas your hunger is controlled by your body (I need energy). Diet pills that contain appetite suppressants reduce your appetite pangs by stimulating the release of two hormones known as epinephrine and norepinephrine. The result is to interrupt the signal in your brain that tells you what you feel like eating. Another benefit of diet pills is that they can improve your sense of well-being, which helps you feel more emotionally satisfied and therefore less likely to gravitate to a bag of chips to get a sense of fulfillment. On the flip side of this there can also be negative side effects. The hormones stimulated through the use of diet pills will work to increase your blood pressure and heart rate. This can be dangerous for people with high blood pressure or cardiovascular conditions.

Diet pills with an appetite suppressant will help you lose weight on a healthy weight loss diet and also help you achieve weight loss because they assist you in overcoming the urge for unhealthy snacking. It takes about 21 days to mentally break a habit, so if you are serious about changing your eating habits to a healthy weight loss program, an appetite suppressant can help you get there. But it’s very important to research what you are taking to ensure you avoid misuse. As with many medicinal substances there is always a risk of addiction. If you seriously want to consider using an appetite suppressant to help get you over your bad eating habits I recommend starting with a natural or herbal supplement as they are less likely to be habit forming.

Diet pills can have a temporary place as long as you are eating the proper weight loss foods in your quest to reach your weight loss goal, but you have to remember that nothing of value comes without effort. If you are not ready to make permanent and lasting changes to your lifestyle, diet pills will not be the right solution for you. I always recommend talking to your doctor before you start any health regime. He or she can always make recommendations on which diet supplements would work best for you.

Source by Naomi Kinaschuk

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