Have Issues With Cellulite? Cellulot – Cellulittle

Have Issues With Cellulite? Cellulot – Cellulittle

“Women the world over have issues with cellulite and are spending thousands of dollars each year on cellulite treatments and “cures”, yet very few are getting any results! You might even be one of them. Maybe you’ve tried the celulift gadget or one of the other patches out there with little success.”

There is nothing simple about cellulite as a condition. It remains a controversial topic, and what makes matters worse is that there is very little agreement among researchers on the subject. They remain divided as to what it actually is… physiologically – and what treatments if any will effect a cure.

I must confess that is not entirely true because there are two things with cellulite that are universally accepted — what it looks like, and that if you suffer from it you hate it and will do anything to be cured of it.

The demand for products and cures to cellulite continues to grow at an alarming rate — but sad as it is, research and development remains in its infancy. A lot of this research is often biased, due to the lure of big profits from supposed “cures”.

Dealing with cellulite can become an all-consuming mission and the mere hope or illusion of a cure can be very tempting to say the least. If you were to “pin” a dollar-value on this “hope and illusion” you would begin to understand how easy it is for the cosmetic companies to exploit these desperate woman to the hilt.

Source by Jerry Pohn

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