What Causes Cellulite?

What Causes Cellulite?

Most women believe or are made to believe that fat alone causes cellulite. However, the mere fact that many thin and toned women have cellulite belies this notion. In fact an approximate 90% of women are estimated to have or have had cellulite. This means that cellulite can be found in women of all shapes and sizes. It does not matter whether you are a size 16 or a size zero.

What causes cellulite?

Fat build up is the primary culprit for cellulite formation. However, it does not mean that you should be fat in order for you to have cellulite, as already mentioned, cellulite can be found in women of all shapes and sizes. Fat in the subcutaneous layer are stored in chamber like storage cells. When fat builds up, these fat chamber cells rise up and push against the connective tissues and the skin which appears on the surface as ugly dimples, bumps and lumps in irregular patches that are reminiscent of orange peels and cottage cheese.

If the problem is merely caused by fat, sheer exercise and healthy food choices can definitely solve the problem. However, it is not just fat! The cellulite affected areas actually suffer from poor circulation. This is why the fat stored in cellulite concentrated areas are prevented from being metabolized into energy. Thus, no matter how much you exert yourself, your body will use fat storage in the other areas of the body but not in the areas where cellulites have occupied.

Moreover, by reason of poor circulation, the toxins and free radicals in cellulite affected areas also build up. On top of this, the much needed nutrients and oxygen do not reach the cells and tissues in these areas which make them more prone to damage. Collagen can help repair these damaged areas and restore their natural elasticity and flexibility which will result to smoother skin. However, as a woman ages, collagen production is reduced and not sufficient to repair the damaged cells and tissues.

Clearly, what causes cellulite is a combination of fat build up, poor circulation, toxin build up, and poor collagen production. These problems need to be all resolved before cellulites can be reduced and the appearance of the skin improved.

Crucial Ingredients

There are cosmetic procedures that effectively reduce the appearance of cellulites and improve the appearance of the skin. However they are astronomically priced and many of the women beset with the problems of cellulites do not have thousands of dollars to spare for these cosmetic procedures. Thus, we will only focus on the over the counter anti-cellulite products.

Be careful in choosing over the counter cellulite products because many of them have been proven to be a big disappointment. Choose products that contain ingredients that have been proven to contain properties that can alleviate the problems associated with cellulite formation.

The ingredients that you have to look out for are caffeine, retinol A, capsicum extract, algae extract, green tea extract and retinol A are proven to effectively reduce fat build up, improve blood circulation, flush out toxins and stimulate the production of collagen. Shea butter is also a good ingredient for a smoother and softer skin.

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