Natural Ways to Battle Cellulite

Natural Ways to Battle Cellulite

Whether you call it cottage cheese, orange peel, or lipedema, one thing’s for sure: no woman actually desires more cellulite. The break down of connective tissue surrounding fat cells causes cellulite to appear. Fortunately, just as natural processes cause cellulite, there are natural ways to fight it, as described below.

1. Schedule a Massage.

The inconsistencies that cause cellulite may be kneaded away through deep tissue massage, self-applied foam rollers, or the Fat Girl Stimulator from Bliss. The Fat Girl Stimulator is a rubber scrubber engineered to reverse the tissue stagnation that precedes cellulite.

2. Try a Firming Cream.

There are many firming creams on the market – to see the greatest reduction of cellulite, look for a product that is user-approved to improve skin’s structure and firmness. Nuxe Paris’s Body Fondant Firming Cream is a great choice. With Brazilian mimosa and barley sugars to lift skin instantly, and Kigelia Africana and rye flakes to enhance skin structure, this Nuxe Paris product is effective. Just ask those who have tried it – after using the Nuxe Paris Fondant Firming Cream for 28 days, 86% of people said that their skin was more toned.

Before applying a firming cream, ready your skin with exfoliation. FatGirlScrub from Bliss does double-duty by increasing circulation. (Poor circulation contributes to the appearance of cellulite.)

3. Get more Cardiovascular Exercise.

Just repeat this mantra to yourself: Less Fat = Less Cellulite. With 40-60 minutes of cardio exercise six times a week, your body will burn away fat and your cellulite will fade away.

4. Increase your Water Intake.

Here’s another simple formula: More H2O=Better Circulation. And as we’ve already established, enhanced circulation decreases cellulite. To aid your body in breaking down fat, try mixing lemon juice into the eight to ten glasses of water you should be drinking daily.

5. Pump Iron.

When you lift weights, you make all muscles seem smoother. Squats, leg presses, and lunges can tone your leg muscles and fight cellulite.

6. Eat a Cellulite-Fighting Diet.

Many different foods fight cellulite:

– Kelp can spur weight loss of 5-10%, again fighting cellulite by melting away fat stores.

– Essential fatty acids found in almonds, walnuts, olive oil, and salmon repair broken skin tissue.

– Mango and Papaya contain antioxidants that prevent tissue breakage.

– Broccoli, peas, and lima beans reduce inflammation, which exacerbates cellulite.

– Dark berries including blackberries and blueberries increase collagen production (to make healthy new skin tissue) and provide antioxidants (to break down current cellulite.)

7. Limit your Salt and Sugar Intake.

Sugar causes inflammation, and salt causes cells to hold onto their fluids. Both of these phenomena intensify the appearance of cellulite. Avoid eating more 200 mg of sodium or six teaspoons of sugar each day.

8. Try Liposculpture.

Liposculpture is less invasive than liposuction, but many say it’s the more effective way to erase cellulite.

9. Use a Caffeine Cream.

Caffeine draws extraneous moisture out of cells, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite. FatGirlSlim from Bliss is one of the most effective caffeine-based treatments available today. It conveys caffeine via QuSomes, a patent-protected ingredient that acts fast to deliver cellulite-busting ingredients to every layer of the skin. Bliss also formulated FatGirlSlim to increase surface circulation.

10. Buy a Red Light Bulb.

Pole dancers have long known that cellulite is less obvious when seen in red light.

Source by Christina A. Jefferson

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