Cellulite Treatment – Massage For Reducing Cellulite Effectively

Cellulite Treatment – Massage For Reducing Cellulite Effectively

Cellulite affects a majority of women between 25 and 35 and cellulite treatment massage is one of the better options available. The other options available are diet, exercise, surgery, liposuction, laser treatment, etc. Cellulite is actually formed by the deposition of fat cells in the subcutaneous layers of the skin mostly of the thighs, stomach and buttocks. The excessive accumulation of fat cells at these spots along with accumulation of toxins, due to poor lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, unevenly stretch the connective tissues and create the dimple orange peel look of the cellulite on thighs, legs, buttocks and stomach.

Cellulite treatment massage helps by improving the skin tone by facilitating lymphatic drainage and improving circulation in the affected areas. This type of massage is being offered by spas and salons but they can be quite expensive. Home cellulite therapy using massage therapy is both free and as effective. One way to do the massage is by applying moderate pressure on the affected skin using the fingers, knuckles or the palm of your hand. Use long sweeping strokes in the direction of the heart. Alternately apply circular motion also. You can use a moisturizing lotion to make the process easier.

You can also use massage machines using rollers that are available for the purpose. Another effective way is to use clothes made of woven mesh fabric that complement your body movements and naturally massage the adipose tissue. Many spas use essential oils and electric pulses along with the massage but even though they are quite relaxing their effectiveness in reducing cellulite is questionable. Massage by itself does not constitute effective cellulite treatment but it can be very effective when used with anti cellulite creams and gels.

Best Cellulite Treatment

The best cellulite treatment is the use of massage along with an anti cellulite gel. With the right kind of product the improvement can be quite fast.

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