Cellulite Therapy – Is Endermology Right For You?

Cellulite Therapy – Is Endermology Right For You?

Endermology is the only FDA approved method to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Endermology is a non invasive cosmetic procedure that can be performed outside a doctor’s office. This article will explain more about endermology and how it is used as a cellulite therapy.

What is Endermology?

The endermology cellulite therapy system (or endermology as it is sometimes called) uses suction and power-driven rollers to manipulate and massage the tissues in problem cellulite areas. Developed by French cosmetic surgeons, and now approved in the USA, this cellulite has sessions normally scheduled once or twice a week.

Normally lasting from 25-45 minutes, an endermology session creates a feeling similar to a very deep tissue massage. Sessions are scheduled until no visible improvement is perceived. And then the client is referred to a monthly maintenance schedule for this lifelong cellulite therapy.

Advantages of Endermology

The cost of this type of cellulite therapy is by and large affordable since sessions range in cost from $50 to $75. The procedure is non invasive and the discomfort is minimum. The average cost of treatment is $2588 or about the same cost as one liposuction procedure here in the US.

Drinking water (a minimum of 8 glasses a day) is recommended by doctors on the day of procedure and throughout the process. Increased water intake naturally detoxifies the body and flushes out excess wastes from your system.

Disadvantages of Endermology

This cellulite therapy requires 14 to 30 sessions to see noticeable results. At minimum of 2 sessions per week, this grueling schedule can tie your valuable free time for 7 to 15 weeks or almost 4 months. Almost 75% of the women in one survey, who have undergone the treatment, complained of little to no improvement over the course of their sessions.

The 25% of women who did show noticeable improvement, also admitted to being on diet and exercise program. Endermology seems to work best on women who are in good to excellent physical condition, or who exercise regularly and are 30 to 45 years old.

Women who don’t maintain a proper diet, or who don’t workout or who are over 30 pounds above their normal weight don’t see much change in their cellulite deposits.

Soreness or bruising in the areas effected. Some patients felt the sessions were uncomfortable while others considered the mild discomfort worth it, in order to achieve the results they wanted.

While endermology seems at first to be reasonably priced, many women who have growing families or busy lifestyles simply can’t afford to set aside either the time or the money to pamper themselves with a four month long series of this cellulite therapy.

A Cellulite Therapy Anyone Can Use

However, no matter what your budget or your time constraints, almost every lady can afford to use a home cellulite therapy that has been proved safe, effective and inexpensive. I invite you to try the Cellulean’s cellulite cream, an all natural product that actually works. It has a massive track record of being a product that really works against cellulite. Cellulean are so confident that their all natural product will work for you that they have backed it with a money back guarantee.

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