Anti-Cellulite Treatments Exposed – Do The Expensive Treatments Really Work?

Anti-Cellulite Treatments Exposed – Do The Expensive Treatments Really Work?

Many cellulite treatments are largely unsuccessful because they focus on the external appearance of cellulite. Many believe cellulite to be caused by weight gain. In fact, it is caused by dehydrated, damaged skin. It starts internally with the weakening of the skin cells and connective tissue. Hormones rather than diet are responsible for the body storing fat leading to the skin taking on an orange peel appearance.

Instead of repairing the tissue the invasive and expensive treatments, which incorporate vacuum or rollers with suction and deep heat, cause serious damage to skin.

In my skin clinic I have met many women, who have come to me having undergone painful treatments performed at other clinics. I saw the bruises on their bodies and heard them expressing their disappointment. I feel I should warn you against these ineffective treatments and at the same time tell you about very simple techniques that have proven to be helpful and are guaranteed not to cause any damage to your skin. But first we need to understand what is causing cellulite.

Cellulite develops in the body when fat is deposited immediately below the dermis and contained in fat chambers that can become swollen. As the cells grow in size, surrounding tissue becomes compressed and hardened, making blood circulation more difficult. Eventually the capillary network becomes damaged. As the blood vessels deteriorate from dehydration and depravation of cell building nutrients they allow waste water and toxins to accumulate. This process causes collagen and elastin to break down allowing sub dermal fat to clump together. Because of the weakened dermis, these lumps of fat cells move upwards towards the surface which then causes the visible change in skin texture, commonly referred to as cellulite. As this process occurs the synthesis of new collagen slows down, allowing the fat cells to now become surrounded by fibrous bands, worsening the skin texture even more.

Sodium-Potassium Pump

The oxygen and nutrients do not pass directly from capillaries to cells. They diffuse into the interstitial fluid (the tiny spaces between cells) and from there they are picked up by the cells. Wastes follow a similar route in reverse. What powers this process is the ratio of minerals, sodium and potassium, present in the tissues. Together these two minerals form a pump that injects nutrients into the cells while at the same time expelling the waste. Congestion in the tissue will weaken this very important mechanism, called ‘sodium-potassium pump’, and slow down the exchanges. When we exceed the amount of sodium that the body needs we have a sodium build-up that, in addition to encouraging water retention, leads to decreased cell activity. The interstitial spaces, should hold no more fluid than is necessary to maintain a healthy, clean internal environment, one in which the nutrients-waste interchange can take place efficiently.

Water intake is necessary in flushing out toxins, which are stored in fat tissues and released into the bloodstream to be burned. You have to remember however, that water void of minerals can bring quite the opposite results. There is no real proof that the proverbial 8 glasses of water will actually hydrate the body and not contribute to water retention. It is extremely important to understand the importance of minerals when we are talking about hydration or detoxification of the body. You should really drink ‘mineral’ water or supplement your water intake with minerals, such as those that can be found in Himalayan salt.

Lymphatic circulation

The lymph operates by drawing excess fluid and cellular wastes from the spaces between cells and carries them away to filtering stations called lymph nodes. Lymph channels ultimately drain into two large veins near the heart so that lymph is returned to the bloodstream to be further processed and then carried toward the eliminative organs.

Unlike the blood, which is powered by the heart, the lymph has no such central pump or prime mover. Lymphatic circulation relies upon muscular contractions and deep breathing to move it along.

When the flow of lymph is slowed down a stagnation of interstitial fluid occurs in the tissues. In areas where circulation tends to be poor and relies almost entirely on gravity to move it back up, as in hip and thigh areas, this stagnation encourages the formation of cellulite.

Cleansing Formula

A natural cleansing formula is needed to remove toxin build-up in the body. Most toxin build up can be caused by slow or irregular bowel movement and/or water retention. Diet high in fibre is helpful for the elimination of waste products from the intestines.

Treatments that Work

It is important to provide the body with nutrients that help to repair the weakened skin tissue. Some herbs can be of assistance and can be applied internally and/or externally.

Calendula is a very versatile herb. You can make tea and drink it to improve microcirculation. Calendula is exceptionally effective in healing damaged capillaries. Oils saturated with Calendula can also be applied externally for massaging the skin. Gotu Cola is another herb that helps to repair damaged capillaries.

The herbs that balance hormones such as Schisandra and Dong Quai are very helpful in bringing a youthful look to damaged skin.

Healing rays

Portable massagers have also proven to be effective; far-infrared heat can facilitate repair to skin by improving microcirculation, ultrasound will help with lymphatic drainage. The combination of infrared and ultrasound brings gentle and accumulative repair to skin. When combined with cleansing diet you can be sure that the simple treatments will bring positive results without being heavy on your budget.

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Source by Zofia Majak

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