Why Cellulite Appears More in Women Than Men

Why Cellulite Appears More in Women Than Men

Cellulite can be described as a fatty deposit just below the surface of the skin. They are usually located so close to the surface of the skin and that is what gives it the rough dimpled appearance. This problem is not because of anyone being overweight at all, because both slim and plus size women all have the condition only that it can be more noticeable in heavy women than their lighter counterparts. When the fatty cells are in plenty they squeeze and break through the collagen fibers that connect fat tissues to the body allowing the bulge that we see.

The cottage cheese skin condition is not considered a medical problem or disease but simply a cosmetic one, because it mainly affects the self esteem of those who have it. It is also not considered a skin disorder so seeking for treatment is never a life and death issue. Although it is considered a normal appearance in the body affecting women and a few men, those who want to get rid of it will not stop at anything to deal with the situation.

The Cause of Cellulite

The cause of orange peel skin condition is mystery to no one. The reason it looks the way it does is based on how our connective fat tissues are arranged.  We all have strands of connective fat tissue that separate fat cells and the skin. In women, these fibers will form a network pattern that looks like a honeycomb so that any increase in an area will appear as a bulge. 

So why not in men

The reason you won’t see it in men is that most often their fibers are arranged in a horizontal crisscross pattern that will prevent any kind of bulging or dimpling. Because of the female skin structure, as adipose tissue increases it grows into the upper layers of the skin and this causes its expansion as well. The other reason it becomes so apparent in women than men is because women have a thinner skin than men so any pressure from inside will become more apparent in women. Orange peel skin happens for two main reasons:

  1. Our tissue changes with age: Those strands that keep the connective tissue thicken and our skins get thinner.
  2. The average woman will loose 5 pounds of muscles and that will be replaced with about 15 pounds of fat after every decade of her life. Because fat is soft it does not keep our skin tight and it requires more space than muscles so the bulge becomes inevitable and the result is the mattress phenomenon or cottage cheese skin condition


Genetics also play an important role as well as our hormones whether we develop cellulite or not. And because women have a few more hormones in their bodies than men it becomes apparent they will face a greater challenge here. There are also some people who simply have more fat cells, weaker veins, poor circulation, hormonal sensitivity and a more delicate lymphatic system. 

Source by Ryan English

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