Many Women Are Affected By Cellulite

Many Women Are Affected By Cellulite

Just under the skins surface lies that horrible looking fat known as cellulite. It makes dimples that are not at all attractive on the skin. Believe it or not this term has been around and used for over a hundred years. Other names for this condition includes cottage cheese skin and orange peel skin. When you look at the skin from cellulite it really does resemble those terms. Women are usually teenagers before it appears, while men usually will not be affected by it. As the woman gets older the cellulite chances will increase.

Some research blames hormones and not being overweight like we mostly think it is. No hormone cure though is available even though it is thought to be the cause of the condition. You can even find thin individuals with it and the same with overweight people. The condition is no way a signal of something wrong with the person, just the ugly appearance does affect people’s pride. Cellulite shows up on the body at locations like the hips, thighs and buttocks. The problem affects women in different degrees. Some have a mild problem and others will be overwhelmed with it. For the average woman it is not a problem until she decides to wear short pants or go the beach in her bathing suit.

The Appearance Can Be Reduced

As I mentioned before, orange peel skin can affect a lot of women and really upsets those with the problem. Needless to say, cellulite needs to be eliminated. Liposuction has become the treatment of choice for many women. This procedure needs to be done by a specialized physician. They will use their equipment just like a vacuum and from beneath the skin suck out all the fat they can. It can take a few visits and a bit of money to get this performed. It has been noted by many that the suction causes the cottage cheese skin to actually look worse than before.

Many use a massage therapists to work on the orange peel appearance. These therapists will target the affected areas. You can also find a load of cosmetic companies that say they have a product to rid your thighs, hips and buttocks of cellulite. As with almost all products you will find individuals that will swear by one solution or the other. And then there are a few health professionals out there that like a low fat diet to be used against the fat.

Cellulite is not as hard to get rid of as a few will have you believe. Just as in losing weight where exercise is used so will it improve the overall condition. So long as you have the motivation to carry out the exercises, you will and can see noticeable results.

Source by James Ellison

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