Magic Cellulite Lotions

Magic Cellulite Lotions

If only there were magic cellulite lotions that could smooth and contour your skin to look just the way you want it to. Maybe there is. Okay, so there really isn’t any “magic formula” out there. I know because I’ve tried them all! But there are cellulite lotions available on the market today that can help to reverse the skin damage that is causing those dimples that are making you look bumpier and lumpier than you should.

Keep in mind when using cellulite lotions that they are not a cure for cellulite, but rather a way to smooth the surface of the skin, making it look better, while you treat the internal cause of your cellulite with other methods.

After talking to a lot of skin specialists and dozens of fellow cellulite sufferers, I discovered that the lotions that really work contain one or more of these important ingredients:

oAminophyllins, which promote muscles relaxation and can help to break down fat cells which cause cellulite.

oRetinoids, (which should only be used at night due to an increase in light sensitivity), are most commonly used to treat wrinkles, but are found in more and more cellulite lotions due to their ability to smooth the skin.

oAlpha Hydroxy Acids, are great exfoliates found in oranges, apples and tomatoes. When rubbed on the skin, Alpha Hydroxy Acids tend to thin the outer layer of the epidermis, which causes old and dying skin cells to fall away, leaving room for new healthier (and smoother) ones to make their way to the surface.

oCaffeine, is a fairly new cellulite lotion ingredient, but is becoming more and more popular since it is capable of reducing fat and edema, which can make the skin look smoother.

While looking for an anti-cellulite lotion for myself that had some of these ingredients, I stumbled across something really new I’ve been telling all my friends about. It’s called Cellulean. It’s made using some of the ingredients listed above and an asthma medication called Aminophyllin. To be honest, the only reason I ordered my first bottle was because it was free, but I’m thrilled to say that it really does work. Want to learn more for yourself? Log onto

Source by Diane Mueller

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