Cellulite Treatment With Ivy And The Field Horsetail

Cellulite Treatment With Ivy And The Field Horsetail

Cellulite, orange-peel skin or cottage cheese, is unattractive part of the body, the particular part that most women hate. There are several anti cellulite methods, but we want to point out that no treatment is working without massage, exercises and diet. So, learn to do well and healthy.

ivy leaves

Ivy (Hedera helix) is a climbing evergreen woody plant with palmately lobed juvenile leaves, being able to climb to at least 25-30 m on trees or rock or hand made wooden or any material surfaces. Ivy stems and leaves are used in making the bouquets and flower arrangements for its evergreen foliage. The specialists appreciate Hedera helix also as useful and medicinal plant, because of its influence in removing the cellulite.

field horsetail

The Field Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a rather bushy perennial with a rhizomatous stem formation, native to northern hemisphere. It’s a fact that Field Horsetail is an important useful plant in medicinal traditional treatment, because of its content rich in chemicals as silicon, potassium and calcium.

Hedera helix and Equisetum arvense are the natural made up to prepare the ointment which is a real help in the fight against cellulite.

The Ivy and Horsetail ointment is kind of hard to purchase, finding in traditional pharmacy, but we have good news for you: can home make this natural treatment to remove cellulite.

Before beginning to prepare the ointment, grind the Ivy leaves and the Field Horsetail herb till obtain powder. Melt a butter pack in a vase, at spunk. When is starting to boil, add 2 spoon of Ivy powder and 2 spoon of Field Horsetail powder. Leave the solution to cool and, before it’s getting solid, filter using gauze. Put the Ivy and Horsetail ointment in a glass in a cool place, even fridge.

To get rid of cellulite, self make dynamic massage with circular moves, frictions, tweaking, using the purchased or simply home made Ivy and Field Horsetail ointment, for 15 minutes in a day at least. Supplementary, make daily fitness exercises and pay attention of what you are eating.

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