Losing Thigh Cellulite Just Got Easier

Losing Thigh Cellulite Just Got Easier

If you can stand 10 feet away from your mirror and still see thigh cellulite “dimpling” on your skin, then you need to shatter the same-o same-o complacence and look into the emerging high tech cellulite reduction treatment options now available. Your body contouring solutions may finally be at hand.

Exploiting “Light Energy”. Computers, cell phones and ipods are only some of the ways that science harnesses light energy for lifestyle solutions. Body image issues, such as the need to appear at our best, mean that cellulite therapy options need to deliver results measurable in terms of body fat reduction and loss of that embarrassing skin “dimpling”.

* Radio Frequency To Fight Cellulite. Cellulite treatment is all about addressing symptoms, and causes. Science remains unresolved on the ultimate cause of thigh cellulite, however the “usual suspects” appear to be hormones, lymphatic system abnormalities, diminished blood supply and waste elimination in the “dimpled” areas. Roughly 9 out of 10 women need cellulite help, for either minor or major skin surface conditions.

Radio frequency technology focuses carefully-calibrated RF energy below your skin (sub dermal), leaving the topside skin free of burning and relatively cool to the touch. Meanwhile, beyond eyesight, your thigh fat cells and thigh cellulite deposits are taking a controlled “beating” from the build-up of RF energy.

Results? The fibrous connective band encircling your thigh fat cells, the stuff that directly causes the “dimpling” appearance, begins to denature or break down. Researchers believe that resulting increases in blood flow plus lymphatic action causes previously showing thigh cellulite cells to reduce to normal fat cell size. Dimpling reduces, and your legs may even lose fat, appear smaller, plus you’ll have rejuvenated smooth skin. Plan on 6 or more thigh or butt cellulite treatments in order to get, and then maintain results.

* Laser Cellulite Removal. Laser is proving itself to be the up-and-coming ubiquitous cosmetic skin resurfacing star. Laser light energy creates a cellulite treatment success due apparently to breaking down minute obstructions affecting blood supply and lymphatic action associated with these hypertrophied fat cells known un-popularly as cellulite. Fifteen or more treatments are necessary. The good news with laser cellulite treatment is that no pre-treatment regimen nor anesthetics are required.

The Cellulite And Liposuction Myth. Here’s the “real deal” on liposuction, what it can and cannot do for your body shaping plans. The jury is definitely in with a solid verdict, noting the time proven results that liposuction can safely reduce significant volumes of body fat. However, liposuction, LipoSelection ultrasound, Lipodissolve and associated fat-rendering treatments don’t get to first base with cellulite, so you can ignore them in terms of meaningful cellulite treatment options. Only where liposuction combines with surgery, such as a thigh lift or tummy tuck, can loose sagging skin along with cellulite fat cells be physically removed.

Mesotherapy Cellulite Removal – No Science Some Results. Is a non surgical cellulite reduction treatment possible? Some people think so. Europe’s cosmetic practitioners have for decades dabbled in various “mesotherapy” formulations, combining plant agents, hormones, enzymes, non-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, micro-nutrients and what not into needle-delivered cellulite reduction treatment programs.

* The Missing Science of Mesotherapy. Does mesotherapy work? There’s no verifiable “science” to explain causes and effects, however many women sing the virtues of mesotherapy cellulite treatment, even while bearing up to 50 or more needle injections in each treatment area repeatedly for several months. Public health and safety issues, plus the absence of any recognized performance data, create an army of skeptics in the USA, lead foremost by the academy of plastic surgeons. Reasons given? Formulations and drug choices vary between physicians, the number and frequency of injections has not been documented, why it works has not been explained, safety and health risks have not been documented.

Source by Robin Derry

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