How To Reduce Cellulite By Preventing Free Radicals

How To Reduce Cellulite By Preventing Free Radicals

If you have a cellulite problem, do take heart to know that there are ways to get rid or at least reduce their ugly appearance. Although cellulite are clumps of fatty tissues and a good healthy diet and an exercise program can help to reduce your cellulite, you need not go through stringent dieting and hours of exercise each day to get the effect.

However, first let us understand what cellulite is. Cellulite is usually found in places where we store stubborn body fat such as in the thighs, butt, back of the arms and on the tummy. It is those areas of the skin that look lumpy or like the surface of a golf ball, sometimes also called orange peel skin.

As mentioned earlier, cellulite is just a fancy name for clumps of fats that push against the connective tissue under your skin. When the connective tissues fail hold in the underlying body fat, it creates that unsightly lumpy look.

Your body’s muscle to fat ratio, genetic predisposition, gender, age and even your lifestyle can greatly influence whether or not you have cellulite and how much of it you have.

Women are more susceptible to have cellulite issues than men. This is because the estrogen (female hormone) in them tends to increase fluid buildup in the fatty tissues and because women have thinner skin than men, it is easier for the engorged fatty tissues to be pushed to the surface just underneath the skin to become visible.

One way of reducing cellulite is to eat cellulite busting foods more often such as fruits and vegetables. This is because fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that scavenge and mop up free radicals. Free radicals can cause great damages to your cells and bodily tissues.

Furthermore, antioxidants also prevent future damage to your cells by providing a layer of protection for the cells and tissues in your body. Fruits and vegetables also contain vitamin C and this vitamin helps to build up collagen making your skin stronger and healthier.

However, when eating fruits, do eat the whole fruit and not just the fruit juice for its full benefits and do not over eat them as most fruits have high sugar contents that may provide more calories than you need and become body fat.

So how do free radicals cause cellulite? Well, your lymphatic system is what flushes out toxins from your body and free radicals put a lot of pressure on the system preventing it from performing at its optimum level.

This then creates fibers that bind to the walls of fat pockets, making them thicker and larger. This extra pressure further pushes your fat tissues upwards and viola, another cellulite clump is born.

So if you want to avoid free radicals from attacking your cells, besides eating more fruits and vegetables, avoid smoking, alcohol, charred foodstuffs, stress, pollution, prolonged sun exposure and factory refined process foods that are laced with preservatives and chemicals.

Next, do have a good exercise routine. This is because when you exercise, you elevate your heart rate and in turn gives you better blood circulation to give you a healthier skin. When your skin is healthier and more taut, it is more difficult for the cellulite to be pushed to the surface. Furthermore, exercise burn away body fat and your cellulite is part of your body fat, aren’t they?

So eat the right foods, avoid free radical attacks and have a good exercise program to reduce your cellulite or even get rid of it.

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